Dark Moon Lilith Horary Astrology

Planetary Midpoint MO/UR is at ?.-- 2018/ 6/23/ 14:10:01

MO= 222.6955630988477741331 UR= 31.7994708455965212106 you decide to cut someone out .... receive the transformation out of suffering that money can bring .... here is an assembled gathering of all the wayward travelers .... an attitude about having your own money .... creating money through magical forces .... you will travel the high road .... suffering on behalf of the ideals of your art .... gathering of the family for a new beginning-marriage christening etc .... healing by love and right listening .... taking new roads in the movie industry offbeat ideas .... much suffering separating from the lover .... CONNECTION WITH PEOPLE WHO FEEL THEMSELVES HINDERED- IMPRISONED- OR OPPRESSED. TO BE CONSIDERABLY IMPAIRED OR HINDERED THRU A COMMUNITY. .... a policy decision to cut down the number of branch offices ....

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