Dark Moon Lilith Horary Astrology

Planetary Midpoint MO/UR is at ?.-- 2018/ 8/16/ 10:50:01

MO= 213.7876546048192262567 UR= 32.5570562259090404342 decision to assert yourself as an independent voice .... in search of the new breakthrough idea .... your ambition is to promulgate your wild ideas throughout the world .... you must say something in order to alleviate the suffering .... brilliant leader but what does he do? .... decision to exclude her from the circle .... to put into action some of your hopes for your children .... .... a powerful chairman of the group- army .... it is not clear whether you are married or not .... great love of and for the wife .... considered an authority in the philosophy of healing .... idealization of the perverted and terrible .... JERKING CHANGES WITH GRAVE CONSEQUENCES. CHANGES WHICH INEVITABLY BRING OTHER CHANGES. .... MIGHTY TENSION AND TENSENESS. GREATEST SUCCESS IN ASTROLOGY. EXPLOSIVE EXPANSION. ....

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