Dark Moon Lilith Horary Astrology

Planetary Midpoint MO/MA is at ?.-- 2018/ 6/23/ 14:14:59

MO= 222.7307502828829409067 MA= 309.1651042877303874887 you have lost your shot at the big bucks .... the wife is conscious of her important place in history as a wife .... an ensuing separation that will cause much suffering .... you fight this war on the backs of the old and infirm .... a sudden new beginning in your career .... talking about the wife of the lion King .... your mother has a great influence on your destiny .... the ambitions of the partner come to naught unless done by magic .... the partnership has narrowly articulated parameters .... cheerful single woman about town .... creating the ideology and knowledge for the era and the new millenium .... not wanting emotional entanglements .... you are bust broke ....

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