Dark Moon Lilith Horary Astrology

Planetary Midpoint MO/ce is at ?.-- 2018/ 8/16/ 10:54:59

MO= 213.8246518825072175606 ce= 171.6576751342197455619 she treats him like a brother .... an ambitious business plan slows down .... separate from those who adopt a racial ideology of the old community .... to speak of sinister fate .... isolation from a brilliant and clever group of persons .... into action goes the family of idealists .... a systematic structure for the business .... gathering of all the intellectually smart women .... to use the wifely role to an ulterior purpose .... your relationship will be strictly Platonic .... developing the grammatical details will help you to be a better writer .... maverick father of the family .... HAPPINESS THRU MENTAL OR SPIRITUAL SUCCESS OR THRU WISDOM RELIGION BY REASON OR RIGHT. .... this has been an inspiration to writers for centuries .... the secret boss writes many papers ....

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