LL/LIplanetary midpoint is at 115 date is 2018/ 8/16/ 10:55:00

LL= 44.6605612499999999998 LI= 185.5613799418915109514 decide to interfere in the affairs of state .... the single woman wants to have a family .... your vision is big and all encompassing .... money for waging a cultural campaign for the good of the city .... deciding to marry into a rich family .... you ruin your spouse's chance to make a fortune .... to specialize in a narrow historical study .... planting the seeds of later growth activity .... beginning to nurture the development of the seed of an unknown quantity .... a regular group gathered to do its social actiovities .... the business of the deep unconscious pays well .... you exercise your professional power and responsibility with great zeal .... manipulators and global effects take decisions out of your own hands .... the unusual healer suffers the consequences of his eccentricity .... to escape from drowning--to escape by drowning ....

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by Kennick 2016(Clark4)